Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tigerskin - Everybody Loves Ollie [Audiomatique Recordings 040 Promo]

Tigerskin is back for 2010 with his first ever release on Audiomatique Recordings, an epic mixture of pumping TechHouse, a bit of glitz, alienated strings sounding like programmed by Jean-Michel Jarre or any of those early Synth pioneers and hypnotic Techno. The name of this tune? "Everybody Loves Ollie" and whoever this is Tigerskin loves him right from the heart. That's evident. On the flip there's a tuned named "Carlswood" to be found which pleases all lovers of minimalistic HypnoTech with its ever spiralling sounds and long build-up sequences - a timeless piece for now and ever which is not to be missed for any reasons. That's what proper Techno should sound like.


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