Monday, March 15, 2010

Bratze - Korrektur Nach Unten & Die Notwendigkeit Einer Übersetzung [Audiolith]

Bratze, the successful collaborational project of Click CLick Decker-mastermind Kevin Hamann and Norman Koldziej a.k.a. Der Tante Renate, are about to unleash their second full length album via Audiolith and it's gonna smash ElectroPunk- and Indie-floors alike and it's gonna smash 'em heavy. Compared to their debut "Kraft" introducing their work in 2007 it's evident that they've left the path of pure banging club music these days and emphasize on lyrics this time as there's only one instrumental track to be found on this ten track LP. This is for good, coze that makes them tracks more accessible and underpins the anthemic, catchy character of Bratze's music. Prognosis: better sales rates, more airplay and about to reach a broader audience than ever. Top notch.


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