Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Egotronic - Ausflug Mit Freunden [Audiolith Promo]

It's happening. Egotronic are back with their long awaited album "Ausflug Mit Freunden" that's due to be released via Audiolith Records on April 30th serving ten brand new tracks to their dedicated followers. But some things have changed although it's still the kind of energetic trademark ElectroPunk Egotronic have provided ever since. First of all - the vinyl version contains only one track - the massive "Die Sonne Scheint" which is my personal favorite due to its raw attitude - that is Egotronic
-only, all other tune are features or vs. versions including guest musicians / vocalists like Rüde and Ja!kob of Frittenbude, Captain Capa, Plemo, producer Phil De Gap and loads of others. This fact plus endless touring throughout 2009 might be a reason for another change which is a change of focus lyrically and musicwise - instead of a quite raw and pure approach of the last albums the musical backing seems more slick and detailed, not streamlined but surely more accessible. Lyricwise the anger and political attitude found on former Egotronic albums gave way to a more hedonistic point of view as there's only one tune named "Toleranz" containing a clearly discernible critical statement, quite uncommon as Egotronic has been known and loved for their criticism in the past. The state of Egotronic in 2010 - I'm quite curious if the next album (2012???) will steer the same course again.


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