Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kavinsky - Nightcall [Record Makers Promo]

Those who like their electronic music kitsch-loaden and partly referring to the long gone ItaloDisco-/ItaloPop-phenomenon are likely to be into Kavinsky's newest 12" put on the circuit via Record Makers. Going under the name of "Nightcall" this one is truly a reminiscence to the days of innocent, naive, but still seductive ultra-synthetic Plastic Pop, whilst the additional "Pacific Coast Highway" might be mistaken as title theme of some long lost Miami cop movie - at least it suggests some action, fast cuts and special FX. On the flip Dustin N'Guyen transfers the already slow title track into an even slower synth jam, whilst Jackson's rework of "Pacific Coast Highway" turns out to be even closer to a movie theme than the original cut, not only due to the additional sirens that guy put on top.


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