Friday, April 16, 2010

Sascha Müller - Earthquake [Underground Pollution Records]

Another tape / cassette release flying in these days is Sascha Müller's "Earthquake" on Underground Pollution Records, a limited 30 piece edition on standard tape with a handmade and photocopied sleeve that'll surely remind some of our readers of the once flourishing tape label scene providing loads of Industrial, Breakcore, Noize or Drone music to a small but dedicated group of followers. And this tape well fits into this scene, delivering two variations of raw experimental underground Techno that seem to be recorded directly from a free running live jam in some wasted basement venue, run by cyber acid punks or any kind of squatting music fanatics. And although the whole release and attitude feels a bit anachronistic in the digital era of 2010 I wish there'd be more ppl and labels like that sticking to their ideals and fighting for what they believe in - a diy attitude and raw unformatted music.


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