Friday, May 21, 2010

Trentemøller - Into The Great Wide Yonder [In My Room Promo]

As someone who thought and still thinks that Trentemøller's widely anticipated 2006 album "The Last Resort" is one of the most overrated albums ever and never understood the hype revolving around that danish guy named Anders ever since I gotta admit that his follow up "Into The Great Wide Yonder" which is to be released on his very own imprint In My Room took me by surprise. Electronica-influences are still there but stepped to the back making way for fuzzy Post- and DesertRock, most evident within the first four tracks or A & B side of the vinyl version of this album. Fans of bands like Portishead are most likely to feel home due to an ever present melancholia and those loving their Indie right will feel comfortable with the shoegazing attitude of several songs, which are - although it might sound different - completely played by Mr. Trentemøller himself in a step-by-step and track-by-track process. A proper album aiming at a different audience than "The Last Resort" and time will tell if it gains the same success and sales rates.


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