Monday, June 21, 2010

Andreas Akwara - Erwachet [Scare Records /iM Electronic]

It's been quite a while since I've found a pure Ambient album sitting in my P.O. box waiting for a review but then Andreas Akwara's "Erwachet" came across, which is meant to be released on July 16th via Scare Records / iM Electronic. Although Mr. Akwara's work has been mostly renown within the US-american Ambient scene so far and gathered more fans by even entering the overseas Ambient charts with his album "Solar Eclipse" it is clear that his new longplayer "Erwachet" is about to be appreciated worldwide. So what's to be found? All tracks - "Erwachet Satz I - IX" - are very likely to be described as classic, sometimes even a bit esoteric Ambient, deep, calm, beatless, string loaden and at least 100% stress free, apart from a few short bits in which gnarling, manipulated bass sounds are working as background counterparts to the sweet and peaceful athmosphere delivered. Recommended to die-hard fans and true Ambient headz as well as to those who love the sound of original Synth masters like Jean-Michel Jarre and related artists.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got the album "Erwachet" online and just love it. I must say, that i haven't listened to such a brilliant release for quite a while now! I can only compare some of it with the early works of Jean Michel Jarre. Most of it however is just distinct and unique music. Maybe we are about to see the birth of a new sound genius and wizard. Jarre fans shall be pleased!

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