Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Craig Vear - Summerhouses [Cluster Promo]

As announced on these pages before the Mille Plateaux camp have now launched their new sub/sister label Cluster for Drones, Ambient and Experimental / Deep Listening Electronic Music with the release of Craig Vear's album "Summerhouses", a six track piece of processed found sound - or field recordings if one likes to name it like that. And even processed might be the wrong term, although music software was included throughout the process of making this album, coze these studies can be described working sound through a kind of scanning electron microscope, focusing on very details and textures hidden to the human ear, stretching the original sound source to explore its secrets and, within doing this, seeing it losing its original context and unvealing beauty of its own - always calm but cold and sometimes alienating, not to be understood and still fascinating. A trip to an acoustic world that exists beyond most humans imagination.


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