Thursday, August 19, 2010

Subbass: Dubstep Made In Germany [Subbass 001]

Dubstep has been allover the place for years now and although it is still recognized as a mainly UK-based phenomenon by many a lively scene has evolved in many other countries, bringing up loads of unknown or rarely recognized producers who are ready to step up and provide their specific vision of Dubstep and related bass-fired genres. These days the makers of the german website have decided to put Germany on the map, starting their new Subbass-label with a free CD compilation released under the creative commons licence and representing at least seventeen of Germany's upcoming producers, trying to give an overview of what is happening here. Those, including the likes of Bassrael, Dr Kaya, Genetik Krew and many others, serve a full spectrum view on different Dubstep-flavors from wobbly bangers to more introvert pieces and other variations. Defo a checkworthy one and a good idea at all to promote the latest bass induced hype.


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