Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Marie Fisker - Ghosts Of Love [Maryvine Records]

Marie Fisker is a danish phenomenon still. But she's ready to take the world and now her 2009-released debut album is available on the german market via Cargo Records. Born 1976, she set up her own studio in 2000 in the center of Kopenhagen and started working on songs not tracks ever since which can be described as intimate but intense, silky studies on Pop music with a partly desert feel and clear influences from Shoegaze and the so-called Singer/Songwriter scene and driven by at least more than a bit of melancholia that seems to be typical for many artists grown up north. Not interested yet? Maybe the fact that Marie Fisker has been invlvd in loads other projects and is known to many as the voice behind Trentemøller's single "Sycamore Feeling", the first outtake of his recent - and best - album "Into The Great Wide Yonder" will raise yr attention. "Ghosts Of Love" deserves it.


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