Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kill The Dandies! - I Saw White Fields [Pale Music Int. 046 Promo]

All those who like their Rock'n'Roll dirty, psyched out and Noise-driven are recommended to check "I Saw white Fields" by Kill The Dandies, recently brought to you via Pale Music Int. . And although their roots in 60's music are well recognizable it's obvious that Kill The Dandies are not here to copycat the oldschool as their use of modern aesthetics plays an essential role in their music as influences from Wave and even some Grunge are to be found here, alongside pieces that might work well as psychotic road movie soundtrack - see "Mohawk" - and more eclectic tunes. Plus: Even Cherie of Warren Suicide drops by for a feature, which might be interesting for all those ElectroClash followers. Not recommended if your going through detox tortures, coze this album might seriously spoil your brain then.


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