Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Phonique vs Tigerskin - Longdrink E.P. [Ladies & Gentlemen 006 Promo]

Forthcoming via Ladies & Gentlemen as their 006 is a split-12" - how long haven't we seen this concept of two artists sharing one disc? - of Phonique, long term production talent and mastermind of this label, and Tigerskin. Whilst Phonique provides two classic sounding House tunes of top notch quality which are serving a percussion driven attitude and funky ass basslines plus - this goes for the title track "Longdrink" - a nice oldskool'ish melody hook that could be taken off the highly productive mid 90s era, it's Tigerskin that digs deep in his Disco crates and comes up with two glitzy variations of quite uplifting DiscoHouse - a style that went a bit out of the main focus throughout the last decade but still is able to provide some good vibrations plus is appealing to an audience much wider than the electronic music purists. It's way too early to see these two tunes as the forecast of a revival but I think they'll well open some ears again.


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