Thursday, August 26, 2010

Audiokonstrukte - City Echoes [Fürni Promo]

Another label to be launched by the Mille Plateaux-camp these days is Fürni, coming up with the slogan "Affordable Sounds For Living" and meant to be their outlet for Electronica not that abstract and conceptual as their main imprint, more accessible and somehow easier to get along with. And so is their first full length album output: "City Echoes" by an artist named Audiokonstrukte which serves a collection of thirteen tracks to be filed in between Electronica, classical Ambient and some Downtempo-influences, well-crafted, partly dubby and well enjoyable but with a quite oldskool'ish attitude which will be appreciated by a crowd that once spent hours and afterhours watching the legendary "Space Night" recorded on videotape from german TV, calming down at ChillOut floors and enjoying the deep magic provided by DJ's such as Mixmaster Morris, also known under his production moniker The Irresistible Force. Yes, this album is for those who've been around for long now whilst the electronic music youth might miss out on this chill piece due to lack of personal experience as the scene has changed a lot throughout the past decade. But no matter what, it's a good one.


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