Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Binaural Beats Project - 0SB-pk [Super 6 Records 055]

Binaural Beats Project are about to release their five track single "0SB-pk" via Super 6 Records, a piece that seems to be clearly influenced by the sound of PsyTrance, fusing that with small bits of Acid, experimentalism and - at least partly - a sense for reduction although none of these tracks can be described as stripped down to the bone. But still there's something irritating about all these: none of those tunes seems to go somewhere, end up in some kind of climax, work the floor crowd, calm down Ambient heads or do something at all. They just are and exist on their own in a musical universe related to what can be described as some kind of Intelligent Techno. Which is very puzzling.


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