Monday, October 18, 2010

Sascha Müller - Transmission [Pharmacom Records]

With "Transmission" Sascha Müller unveals the most ambitious release on his very own Pharmacom Records-imprint so far, based on the idea of having several artists providing their musical interpretation of the same video sequence, originally captured by Mr. Müller under his VJ Pharmacom moniker and re-edited by Highsign Motion Graphix. Released on 2xDVD format as a limited edition of 40 pieces only the video sequence itself is kinda dark, indifferent and coarse grained, serving only a vague idea of what is eaxactly going on on the screen and leaves enough space for the artists to evolve their own visions on this experimental film piece of approx. 21 minutes length. The first "Transmission" is served by Sascha Müller himself who is on a quite experimental, ever oscillating Ambient tip here, followed by Ohrchitekt who starts his journey with warm embracing bass sequences running for a while before his track turns into an Clicks'n'Cuts-/ Illbient-hybrid. The final "Transmission" on DVD 1 is provided by Uria and based on scifi'esque Drone layers, Dark Ambient and a surprising one minute rise of shattered Breakcore/DarkJungle sequences. DVD 2 sees eVADE coming up with a dreamy piece of Electro Cosmic, whilst Derex provides a dark, slugging and grinding crossover of Illbient, Downbeat and Industrial-infleunces whereas Uria - responsible for the visual overall re-edit as Highsign - serves a second visual version of his DVD 1 piece. For those who love their experimentalism right.


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