Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Forward To The Past [Poker Flat Recordings Promo]

Anticipation was set high when Poker Flat Recordings introduced the concept of a new compilation paying homage to the classic Chicago- / Acid- / New York House and Detroit Techno sound of the 1985-92 with the release of the labels' 117 which hit this worlds dancefloors with two stunning tunes and it was set even higher when rumours revealed participants like Redshape, Deetron, Sasse and Cle amongst others. Now "Forward To The Past" has been put on the promo circuit as 2x12" including eight and CD including twelve tracks featuring the tunes of Poker Flat 117 plus two additional exclusives by Polus and Cab Drivers. Amongst further contributors delivering are KINK & Neville Watson, Ribn and The Revenge and what they deliver is quality referring to these early days, but one - especially if you were brought up on a diet of the original vibe - can easily recognize that these tunes are only trying to recreate a vibe that once ruled the clubs. Production standards of today are way too clean, the mixdowns too sane and the dynamic work too elaborated to mess or compete with the raw sound of the original era so I guess reactions on this one will be split. If one just cares about how these tracks work the crowd this compilation is a proper one, if one refers to the anticipation level created by the prequel 12" and the whole concept one might have expected a little more. A track to check: TJ Kong & Modular K - Jack Shit.

T J Kong & Modular K - Jack Shit by Poker Flat Recordings


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