Monday, March 21, 2011

Ira Atari - Shift [Audiolith Promo]

Watch out world! Ira Atari, our beloved but yet uncrowned queen of Neo Glitz, the next thing big in Space Pop, has just recently released her new album "Shift" via Hamburgs infamous Audiolith Records and it is an album full of bangers. Alongside Ja!kob of Frittenbude-fame at the controls all twelve tracks represent Ira at her best, emphasizing her restless, breathless, unique vocals on top of lively ever moving but still glitzy tunes that could be partly described as a 2011 sequel of ItaloDisco, a style that has been clearly influential in her musical upbringing. But it's not only the past thats reflected here - especially tunes like the IndieElectro-hybrid "Miss Progression" make clear that Ja!kob's Frittenbude-experiences play a role as well and sometimes one might recognize even a slight range of sounds and basslines influenced by UK Urban subgenres likes Brostep or Filth. If you're the one looking for anthems to set dancefloors on fire check out tracks like the surprisingly technoid and hypnotizing "Follow", "Tired" or "Don't Wanna Miss You", a tune in which Miss Ira Atari partly sounds like Björk. Defo recommended and one that'll be stuck in my box for quite a while - on heavy rotation.

Ira Atari - Don't Wanna Miss You (Radio Edit) by Audiolith


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