Sunday, March 13, 2011

Words On: New Horizon 4

Once again I gotta send props to Lübecks Outrider Crew for setting up a proper night out in their home town. Playing @ New Horizon 4 last night was good fun and although playing a seven hours set @ Hamburgs Landgang on friday and catching only about 3 hours of sleep after that took its toll especially through my - kinda sloppy and not really focused - TechHouse-/Minimal-set in the end of the night I was really surprised that there's still a lot of appreciation and love for UK-/ Breakbeat Garage out there, coming not only from those who've been around when this sound broke through a decade ago but also from the younger - teen even! - raving crew.
Really enjoyed to see some familiar faces, meeting new folks - Eva! -, partying and listening to some fine tunes - especially the good old classic HipHop selection spun by Jan Doe & Hamstarr was remarkable, hadn't heard some of these tunes in a club environment for ages. Also was good to have a chat with Chicken of Giana Brotherz after years again - you're a sick bastard ;). Drop a mail when you're up north next time...


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