Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar *The Ricardo Villalobos Remixes [Flying Circus 003 Promo]

After more than forever the mysterious Flying Circus-imprint is back with its third release and once again a true Techno-classic is served in new and previously unheard remix versions. This time it's Energy 52's anthemic and legendary all-time favorite "Cafe Del Mar" which is de- and re-tuned by Mr. Ricardo Villalobos himself which delivers two ultra-minimalistic reworks featuring only very few recognizable elements, bits of the classic bassline and small pieces of the main theme flickering through here and there, of the original tune. Due to this both remixes are more tunes of their own than classic remixes, leaving out the whole ecstatic energy and magic of "Cafe del Mar", but for fans of the drug-induced and ketamine-driven after hour sound of Mr. Villalobos they're quite functional. Recommended to the mentioned, not recommended to those who've been looking for versions able to recreate the ultimate hands up-moments that are associated with "Cafe Del Mar" for now and ever.


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