Wednesday, April 20, 2011

JGarrett - Travel With Prediction Of Rain / Mountain Through The Cloud Bank [Chillzone Records]

Put on the promo circuit via Chillzone Records recently is JGarrett's latest two-tracker featuring tracks with titles that totally won't fit to the early summer vibe we're experiencing in these days of April. But we're here to talk music not names and this is what's to be found here: "Travel With Prediction Of Rain" is a nice piece of Electronica including a lot of beat wizzardry, piano chords and a ravey late night attitude that is about to be appreciated in places like Hamburg's famous Golden Pudel Club where true lovers of advanced electronic music gather on sunday nights. On the other hand there's "Mountain Through The Cloud Bank", a Ambient / Deep Listening piece spreading foggy melancholia based on cloudy string arrangements and beats brought to the very background of the mix - might be an ideal closing track for terrace sets or just a good example of so-called PopAmbient.


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