Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sascha Müller - Krankenhaus (MAGENTA) [SM Traxxx 008]

The next step forward in Sascha Müller's "Krankenhaus"-series is the "Magenta"-edition and once again the two tunes featured here are made for those who love their Techno music very pure and basic. Whilst "Krankenhaus (MAGENTA) 1" sounds like a slightly distorted and ever repeating lo-fi 4-2-the-floor loop with some additional acidic bleeps "Krankenhaus (MAGENTA) 2" is on a techier tip featuring hypnotic sci-fi sounds that could be taken off some mid-90s Intelligent Techno record. Recommended to people that do remember that minimalism in electronic dance music used to mean something good and not necessarily equals boredom.


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