Monday, May 16, 2011

Proxenus / Glowingpixie - Elapidae [Dark Meadow Recordings 004]

Following the idea of a kind of collaborational / remix work this release put out via the UK-based CD-r imprint Dark Meadow Recordings is based on a Drone piece performed by Proxenius uploaded to the web with the intention to invite artists / bands / projects to serve a remix, reinterpretation, cover version or whatever they can think of doing with this musical piece. That's the basic idea behind what's called "The Elapidae Project" and this track of approximately 29 minutes play time is what Glowingpixie - droney still, but with a gnarling feel, featuring cold, isolated, metallic texures adding a rhythmic structure but not a real rhythm, the sound of falling rain and at least a bit of warm embracement provided by what seems like processed strings or decelerated flute sounds. Isolationist music for dark months - recommended for deep winter listening.

Watch out for more reviews on Dark Meadow Recordings-releases soon as they kindly sent out a whole bunch of their releases to be featured on these pages.


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