Sunday, May 08, 2011

Sascha Müller / Ohrchitekt - Split [Pharmacom Records]

Sascha Müller and Ohrchitekt serve their first split-release via Pharmacom Records. First to be found is Sascha Müller's "Thermonuclear", a ever-evolving and modulating piece with a live-jam feel that somehow reminds me of the gooey, semi-liquid mating calls of extraterrestial swamp insects in a place far far away from our very own galaxy whilst Orchitekt's "Up And Down (Trip Dub Set)" explores musical structures not exactly related to Dub but to clearly HipHop-influenced Electronica, in a sense in which the likes of Funkstörung and Autechre are influenced by HipHop beats, and some sci-fi'esque instrumental Mutant HipHop wizzardry. One can easily imagine an MC like El-P or Sensational spitting some sick rhymes on top of these tunes. Plus: Ohrchitekt adds a bit of DarkJungle / Breakcore-flava to the very end of his workout. Interesting and - at least partly - phunky.


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