Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Sawoff Shotgun - For Our Sanity [Sevenahalf Records Promo]

If you're a fan of lively anthemic happy-go-lucky IndiePop with a bit of sing-/shout-a-long attitude you're well recommended to check out and buy "For Our Sanity", the latest album of the austrian sister-triplet Sawoff Shotgun that hit the stores about two weeks ago on April 15th and is well-ready to mash up your local Indie discotheque with a well positive vibe brought on by a fusion of the mentioned styles with some electronic backing and some fresh ideas - see the piano / crescendo track "My Fresh Dress" for one of these or the Electronica-backed "Sexfront" for another. This album's defo one to be on heavy rotation throughout the next months and all Indie-headz longing to see bands to be big soon at an early stage of their career are recommended to check out their small tour announced which is mostly happening in Austria but includes three dates for Germany as well...

May 11th @ Kaffee Burger / Berlin
May 13th @ Astrastube / Hamburg
June 11th @ Theatron Festival / Munich


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