Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Alex Niggemann - Lately [Poker Flat Recordings 119 Promo]

With the labels 119 Poker Flat Recordings adds another fresh face to its roster and although Alex Niggemann has been putting out tunes only since 2008 his three tunes on this 12" sound exactly like he's been providing tracks for the label since day dot. No matter if you're talking about "Lately", "Madness" or "Smash Your Face", all of these perfectly fit into the sonic realm one expects from a Poker Flat-release - the classic vibe with basslines referring to Chicago House, the funky, stripped down attitude, haunting athmosphere and pumping floor functionality that is appreciated for more than just one reason by punters and DJs all over the globe. Defo a 12" that'll stick in your box for a while and if it's leaving it'll just be waiting for an immediate return.


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