Friday, July 08, 2011

Sascha Müller / eVADE - Recycled Tapes Vol. 1 [Pharmacom Records]

Sascha Müller and eVADE are coming up with a new concept for Pharmacom Records putting a limited split release on the circuit that is recorded on old - yes that means used before - C60 cassettes. And limited means hyper-limited here as the first volume of this series is limited to 15 hand numbered copies world wide. This concept is very diy and going back to the old Industrial days when such concepts and limited tape label issues were more common. And so is the music as Sascha Müller starts his side with a sick piece of Broken Acid named "Beat Junkie" followed by two lively Electro workouts, a Space Ambient journey and some nervous, ever evolving Electronica-related beat trickery. eVADE comes up with a bunch of six tracks on the flip serving a mixed menu of Electro-influences, 'troity melancholia, slo-mo Techno with a ravey touch, NuBeat plus other things nasty, anthemic and defo able to move highly advanced dancefloors. Rare and defo hard very to find.


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