Thursday, August 11, 2011

DmVsMv - Tank EP [Super 6 Records 068]

Also forthcoming via Super 6 Records is the "Tank EP" by DmVsMv, a split collaboration of Sascha Müller and eVADE which - in its original version - is a massive and militant piece of dark underground Techno, a maelstrom of hammering bassdrums and psychotic noises that proves that electronic music can be war and that there are always soldiers ready and willing to fight. eVADE's very own interpretation is not that bass heavy but more shattered although some melodic pieces find their way through layers of glitches and defragmented noises whilst Sascha Müller's rework clearly refers to the sonic strategies of Hardcore and brings the - gone ? - Berlin division of the legendary Zhark-imprint back to mind. These sounds are meant to destroy.


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