Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hafendisko presents: Hamburg Elektronisch Vol. 01 - Von House Zu House

September 9th sees the release of the new - sadly digital only - compilation "Hafendisko presents: Hamburg Elektronisch Vol. 01 - Von House Zu House" via the freshly established HFN Music-offspring Hafendisko, a twenty track mp3-bundle that is about to represent what might be named as new House sound of Hamburg including a few excursions into Electronica and Ambient. Contributors are the likes of Soukie & Windish, Kruse & Nürnberg, Wareika, Stimming, DJ Koze, RVDS and others - the first three projects contributing exclusive material whilst other tunes are picked from previous or recent releases, trying to cover a broad spectrum but suffering from what all so-called city-compilations do suffer from: ending up in featuring names that readers of magazines and the hipster crowd already are familiar with, featuring names that are connected in cliques and posses and trying to sell that as the sound of a city, leaving out the fresh and innovative, the upcoming underground, the talented but hardly known and other styles beyond the hip sound of today. Don't get me wrong "Hafendisko presents: Hamburg Elektronisch Vol. 01 - Von House Zu House" is a proper compilation if you follow warm embracing open air TechHouse that does no harm to no-one, some sweet (Neo)Disco or intellectual House music but this is only one part of this cities music scene, the part that is mostly recognized by now. Take a look beneath the surface and you'll find more, maybe more thrilling and for sure more experimental music that is coming from Hamburg-based producers.


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