Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Johnwaynes feat. Stee Downes - Never Enough [Serenades 003 Promo]

A portuguese production duo, an Amsterdam-based singer hailing from Ireland, a label website registered in Finland and a song title that has been used by The Cure before for one of their biggest classics - these are the ingredients for cat.no. 003 of the Serenades-imprint that is able to move crowds globally although it's neither a The Cure cover nor a bootleg. What's to be found here instead is a deep stripped-down ElectroHouse-vibe, a glittering glitzy main hook, piano breakdown and slightly processed male vocals with a somehow catchy attitude that sound a bit early 2000s, like the whole track does in both mixes on this 12", but are exciting enough to keep punters going despite being a bit tool'ish. Guess this will work best in party hard and feel wild big room places like they are in Ibiza or Miami as the tune needs some space to unfold and a heated crowd consisting of punters willing to experience the best night of their life. Hedonism rules ok.


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