Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sternrekorder - Weissensee [Astro Chicken Records 004 Promo]

Recently released via the great Astro Chicken-imprint is "Weissensee", the debut album of Sternrekorder which is not only a hommage to but an excellent fusion of Krautrock-influences and innocent vintage Synthesizer Music that is about to please all lovers of an era that was home to legendary outfits like La Düsseldorf, Neu!, Kraftwerk and many others not only putting out cool - and new - music at all but building the foundation of nearly all electronic music of today. And yes, if we didn't know better we could file Sternrekorder as coming from that era as well as their use of epic and partly naive melodies, sometimes quirky noises and simple drum machines sounds very original in all of them six instrumental cuts on "Weissensee" and even the vocal pieces, first of all the more Pop-sounding and Schlager-influenced "Geh Lieber Nie" and the death cool "On My Roof" are perfect examples of how music sounded back then. But no matter what, dont' file this LP under the flag of "being retro" just for being retro at all as there's more Sternrekorders compositions than that. Btw - the vinyl pressing is limited to 250 copies on red vinyl and I guess there will be no second run so grab your copy quickly before it's sold out.


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