Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Trentemøller - Reworked / Remixed [In My Room Promo]

Recently released via In My Room is Trentemøllers massive 2x12" pack entitled "Reworked / Remixed" which contains nine remixes of tracks taken from his 2010 Post- / DesertRock album "Into The Great Wide Yonder" crafted by the cream of the crop of (electronic) music producers. Apart from one rework done by Mr. Trentemøller himself and two instrumental cuts ("Neverglade" & "Tide") names involved are Modeselektor, UNKLE, I Blame Coco and even his greatness Andrew Weatherall, the man behind the legendary Two Lone Swordsmen. Despite the fact that all these names are - or have been - working on the forefront in different eras, even decades in the evolution of electronic music there's one common sense amongst them: keeping up with the lone, wide feel of the original tunes, no matter how far or different the transformation within the remix work goes or might be. Melancholia is here to stay and due to that "Reworked / Remixed" is a nice add-on for all those who loved "Into The Great Wide Yonder" and they might be surprised that there's a different but still well fitting face to tunes like "...Even Though You're With Another Girl" or "Sycamore Feeling". Especially "...Even Though You're With Another Girl" sung by I Blame Coco on top of slow'ish but intense tribal drums develops a very special kind of magic and despair, same goes for Andrew Wheatheralls psyched-out ElectroCosmic-affair that "Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!!" turns into - a piece that could be released on DC Recordings as well alongside works out of the studios of Emperor Machine or Padded Cell. Add this to your collection as soon as your dealer stocks it.


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