Monday, November 07, 2011

Different Colors EP [Super 6 Records 071]

As far as I remember the "Different Colors EP" is the first various artists four-tracker released via Super 6 Records, serving tracks by Artem Golovin & TOXIBEA, Helikopter & Ewan Rill plus two workouts by Crewger. Whilst the first mentioned are on a heavy Acid trip with their tune "Konstrukteur", Crewger is representing the school of HardAcid with a fusion of banging HardTechno and screaming, psyched-out Acid lines. Finally "Morphine" by Helikopter & Ewan Rill comes up with a dry, reduced and slightly mechanical attitude, ready to wipe out all thoughts with an ever repeating high frequency structure and far away train sounds - this one's deep shit for those who can take it.


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