Saturday, October 29, 2011

Teichmann - They Made Us Do It [Festplatten Promo]

Released just one day ago on october 28th via their very own Festplatten-imprint the new and second album of the brothers Andi & Hannes Teichmann is about to hit the stores shelves within the next days and to please those appreciating what can be named as musical eclecticizm and a broad variety presented within only one album, a thing that lies within the Teichmann family as their father Uli Teichmann comes from a FreeJazz background and even plays solo sax on one of their tracks here, a first time recording collaboration between them. Furthermore their list of featured artists includes Foremost Poets a.k.a. Johnny Dangerous, Alois Späth, Tijana T and more, all contributing their parts to warm analogue sounding tunes in between WildPitch-influenced House, twisted, echoing Electronica / Downtempo pieces and tunes that might be future anthems like "Brainwash - Adapter Edit" which is sadly not to be found on the forthcoming and hand-numbered vinyl edition of "They Made Us Do It" although it's one of the most fascinating tracks of the album, an album that also is able to fuse the big basslines of so-called Wonky- or BrightonTechno once provided by acts like Neil Landstrumm, Tobias Schmidt and their posse with House vibes and - yes! - uplifting vocal workouts. This is Future Phonk!


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