Monday, October 31, 2011

Sascha Müller pres. 6 In The Video Mix Vol. 03 [Super Six Records Video 003]

All those who love the visual affairs provided by Sascha Müllers Super 6 Records watch out for part three of the "6 In The Video Mix"-series which brings you about an hour of audiovisual joy including the near legendary "Tank" video, Ewan Rill's partly animated sci-fi affair "Don't Forget I'm On Mars" which must be mentioned as a great piece of Techno music, Dany Oghla's flickering "Frost Tracker *Bengala Boys Remix" and more stuff from the Super 6 Records stable. If you love the oldskool and have been brought up in the era of huge raves you're well recommended to check out eVADE's "The B-Rave Theme *Sascha Müller Remix" which keeps up the oldskool vibe not only within the music.


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