Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hyboid - Where Androids Come To Die [Astro Chicken 005 Promo]

There's news from outer space. The Hyboid landed again on planet Astro Chicken and he brought back tales about androids, vampires and drugs - all told in a universal language that's called music, in dialects one recognizes as beautiful Synth land- or better soundscapes, spaced out Electro and dreamy, melodious SynthWave, all printed on a limited run of 200 pure white vinyl plates and served with a dancefloor in mind. This is extraterrestial and not timebound, referring to an analogue past and a computerized future. After listening to this album I still don't know "Where Androids Come To Die" but I do know that they leave for a better place and a bright safe haven. Let's follow them and find out what's behind the data horizon.


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