Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sascha Müller - Pounder [Super 6 Records]

All fans of thrilling Electro and Techno and all record collectors aiming to hunt down the rarest and / or most obscure items in electronic music should watch out for Sascha Müllers latest release on his very own Super 6 Records-imprint as "Pounder" is released as a limited edition of 20 copies lathe cut 8"es, each one stuck in an individual 12" cover which once contained an old german Schlager-/Volksmusik record and now has been recycled and redesigned with a stencil and hand-written track infos. But let's talk music as well - the so-called "Electro Mix" is superb High-Tech Funk surely made to please all followers of the UR-camp whilst the "Technology Mix" on the flip is a dark, hammering variation for illegal basement clubs and truskool Techno venues like the old, original Tresor Club in Berlin. You need this.


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