Friday, December 02, 2011

baze.djunkiii Charts 12/2011

01. Forward To The Past 2: The Acid Flashback [Poker Flat Recordings Promo]
See review for details...

02. Hyboid - Where Androids Come To Die [Astro Chicken 005 Promo]
See review for details...

03. [Shhhh Records 004 Testpress]
See review for details...

04. Asmus Tietchens / Kouhei Matsunaga [Important Records 334]
Within the last months I recognized an increasing interest in experimental electronic music like Dark-/ DeathAmbient and Drone amongst consumers and so I hope that this one will be appreciated and recognized by not only an audience of specialists and academics. Asmus Tietchens, long-time pioneer in the field of experimentation and sound research, explores quite harmonic and accessible terrain with his tracks here. Whilst "Die kopflosen Frauen von Unger" is a very reduced and positive sounding piece of musical minimalism "Gitter" can be described as a bass-driven, rhythmically pulsating, ever evolving and nearly dancefloor compatible Ambient piece in which the dark bass stands contrapuntally to a light bleep construction that reminds of early Senking-pieces on the long gone Karaoke Kalk-imprint. On the flip Kouhei Matsunaga comes up with two tracks as well - "Margin Sequence #1" is a calm piece of Drone-influenced Ambient with a dark, nearly romantic understanding of beauty whilst "Chasing The Night" is a nervous, alienating and slightly paranoia-causing work illustrating the perpetual work and communication streams of teeming digital ants. Especially the last mentioned track is giving me goosebumps.

05. T99 - Anastasia *Blame Remix [Radar Records 004]
Massive anthem! I loved T99's "Anastasia" when it was released about 20 - !!! - years ago and I'm glad that the trademark rave signals are back to smash dancefloors again although these dancefloors are filled with young Drum'n'Bass heads now and not with early ravers wearing gas masks, hoovers and smiley shirts. No matter what crew is out there on the floor they all will love Blame's tasteful re-fix and its hyper ecstatic feel that is made for peak time abuse only. On the flip Fred V & Grafix take care of CJ Bollands legendary ProtoTrance tune "Camargue" but their re-rub is not half as good or energetic as Blames - not more than a solid tool.

06. DJ Sotofett presenterer Dritfett [Wania 98]
Happy happy joy joy! The norwegian producer DJ Sotofett serves an excellent musical menu consisting of five tracks of nice analogue Techno, Rave and raw 'troity House with a bit of an oldskool feel. Not to be missed!

07. Senking - Tweek [Raster Noton]
I am excited - the first Senking vinyl release in 12 years and as I still love their 1998 released "Senking EP" on Karaoke Kalk to death it was pretty clear I had to check this one out. Their style has clearly changed and evolved but their music is still thrilling - two tense, hyper slow and cold as fuck pieces of bass music that are not less than epic. Hand this one out to 90% of todays Dubstep-producers and they'll clearly recognize that there are still lessons to learn. Instant classic.

08. Egotronic - Macht Keinen Lärm [Audiolith Testpress]
See review for details...

09. Yves De Mey - Counting Triggers [Sandwell District]
These days are good days for lovers of Dark Ambient and related music as there are plenty of interesting releases floating around recently. This time the Techno-related underground imprint Sandwell District leaves dancefloor paths with Yves De Meys excellent album "Counting Triggers", pressed on clear vinyl and coming up with a cold, sci-fi'esque and Industrial- as well as Clicks'n'Cuts-influenced vision of deep space music. Braindance to the melancholia of cosmological radiation!

10. Trentemøller - Reworked / Remixed [In My Room Promo]
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