Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pleased To Meet U - Ausgang Mexiko [Major Label Promo]

Scheduled for january 20th via Major Label is "Ausgang Mexiko", the second full length release by the Cologne-based band outfit Pleased To Meet U and what they serve is not the easiest hit stuff for your local Indie dancefloor. They're angry, they're noisy, they're german, they've street cred, they're influenced by Punk and PostPunk and it's obvious that there are one or two MathCore records to be found in their collection. Bands like Fehlfarben come to mind, somehow and referring only to their newer output, the german "vorstadt" as well, a bit of teenage angst and cold war paranoia although this war is over for long now. Productionwise Pleased To Meet U are neither slick nor streamlined but straightforward and straight in yer face and they're not looking forward to take prisoners coze life's too short for things like that. Is there a school of Cologne now like there was a "Hamburger Schule" years ago? One track to check and maybe the most likely hit to be: "Einkauf"


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