Thursday, February 02, 2012

CenkAkyol - BREAKCORE Politics

There's hardly any mix featured on these pages, but this one is exceptional and interesting. Soundwise, as it deals with what I personally loved about Breakcore and DarkJungle when this genres were still in their very first days - chopped, uncompromising beats, raw, uncut, energy fueled and filled with rage and ultimate darkness. Listen, learn and brock out!

Art Of Noise - Memento
Sofia Gubaidulina - Wahrlich, Ich Sage Dir: Heute Wirst Du Mit Mir Im Paradiese Sein (from "Sieben Worte")
Christoph De Babalon - Split Series #10
Slepcy - Darkwave Breakbeat Sessions
Tocotronic - Ich Möchte Irgendetwas Fur Dich Sein (Selfdestruct Mix by Christophe De Babalon)
Skull-Boze - Symbolic Attack
Gein - Telepathy
Amboss - SUBVERSION011
Dj Scud - Praxis U.S.A.
Dj Floorclearer - Roger's Massive Armpits EP
N1tro - Cross Fade Enter Tainment 007
Art Of Noise - Comes and Goes
Kovert - Pressure Sound EP
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Ode To The Beloved and Impaired
E-De-Cologne - Excalibur
Jackal & Hide - AMBUSH 01
Zombieflesheater - Powerviolent Dancehall

192 kbps
Release date: Nov 28, 2009


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