Sunday, March 11, 2012

Alex Niggemann - Don't Wait [Poker Flat Recordings 128 Promo] 128 of Steve Bugs Poker Flat Recordings-imprint comes straight out of the studio of Mr. Alex Niggemann and contains two tracks, the title piece "Don't Wait" and the flipside "Curious". And he comes up with something surprisingly special as "Don't Wait" is a hit to be, not only in underground clubs but with quite more than only a bit of mainstream appeal with a huge bassline referring back to the heydays of ClubHouse - we talk tunes like "Show Me Love" and similar here... - and longing, discoid vocals that will not only be appreciated by the gay community out there although this will be on heavy rotation in gay House clubs for sure. Massive tune. "Curious" on the flip is not less tempting, an ever building TechHouse track for late night sessions built around a huge but still sexy and hormone driven sub-bass playing a seductive melody, filled with craving melancholia and a certain kind of darkness that lies within the hearts of most nightflies out there that are yearning for way more than just simple pleasure and hedonism. To be loved by all longing for life. Killer!


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