Friday, May 25, 2012

[aniYo kore] - Pieces Of Conversation [Bob Harris 001 Promo]

Whoever has been wondering what has happened to the once so hype genre of TripHop and especially to its vocalized sub-branch after the mid-90s, whoever has been missing this stuff desperately is highly recommended to ask his local record dealer to track down [aniYo kore]'s recent release "Pieces Of Conversation", a vinyl double album self-released, holding the matrix number BOBHARRIS001 which might be the name of the label as well. But this keeps in the closet. Musicwise there's beats clearly influenced by Instrumental HipHop, TripHop and - partly - Illbient, PostRock-flavored guitars and as main and most important element the dark, longing voice of the projects female lyricist which seems to bear all of this worlds pain and sorrow on her shoulders, deeply feeling all this grief and intensely performing on top of the sparse but not skeletal musical arrangements that hold more than only one surprise samplewise, playing around with field recorded stuff, interview snippets and other unsual textures. Defo check "Money" if you stumble across "Pieces Of Conversation" as this one might be regarded as the deepest and most intense track amongst these twelve plus a few snippets. The world needs more of that.


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