Thursday, May 17, 2012

Reptile Youth - Black Swan Born White [HFN Music 016-s Promo]

Forthcoming on Hamburg's recently hyper-active HFN Music is the latest single by Reptile Youth named "Black Swan Born White" being sold as lovely little 7" in all good stores soon'ish. Not as forward pushing and dancefloor smashing as their banging firstling this one has a wider crossover potential to evolve from a secret Indie club anthem with quite a longing but romantic attitude for those know into this summers main melody, recognized by clubbers as well as by big radio stations as the sing-a-long factor is a big one, a song that's not forgotten easily and if "Black Swan Born White" wasn't that good the hyper-seductive vocal hook would be judged as gross by many just for its musical "future hit" announcement alone. Same goes for the slightly darker and more driving interpretation - do not call it "remix" - served by London's S.C.U.M. on the flip which seem to hail from the (No)Wave scene but do defo know that going Pop sometimes is the only way to go instead of worshipping the eternal gods of darkness.


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