Monday, May 14, 2012

Sascha Müller - Error 404 [Pharmacom Records]

Looking back on 22 years of buying and collecting music in different formats now, approx. 15 of them including reviewing records for online and print one might guess that I've seen all kind of limited pressings, special packagings and exclusive editions and my collection holds not only a few of those, some pieces even hand-numbered and with personal dedications from labels or artists involved. But still, what flew in a few days ago from Sascha Müller's Pharmacom-imprint is one of the most remarkable pieces, not only due to it's limitation to only 9 - yeah, nine - pieces worldwide but also to the release to packaging weight ratio and to the packaging itself as each individual 3" DVDr is delivered in an old hard drive case and one has to loosen the case screws to get hold of the disc itself which contains 14 .wav files serving a fine selection of Experimental Ambient, Deep Listening Music, Clicks'n'Cuts, chilled Electronica and even some quite classical Ambient pieces for special moments. More of a musical trip created by the maestro Mr. Müller himself than your usual dancefloor weapon but still able to cause some movement on a ChillOut floor filled with experienced punters that already've been around when those floors were still common within the dance music scene, serving some of the finest and most thrilling music ever pumped through a PA system. If you are one of these folks or if you've the legendary HR3 Space Night transmissions to death that played an essential role in Germanys ChillOut-culture you need to find yourself a copy of "Error 404". And you'll need to dig a deep hole to find one...


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