Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jamie Anderson & Owain K - Do You Know [Dessous Recordings 109 Promo]

Forthcoming within the next few days via Dessous Recordings is this exciting piece adding a good bit of jazzy NYC House flavor to the labels catalogue and those still reminiscing about the greatness of labels like Nervous Records will defo know what we're talking here. The title track - also featured as dub version on the flip - is paying respect to a fucking lot of Jazz legends on top of well lively, uplifting beat structures and the occasional sparse but on point and well accentuated Jazz piano glimpsing through. Stripped down to the bone but still working dancefloors right and I'd love to know where the pair of producers grabbed that vocals from - a seemingly afro-american musician calling a number of Jazz greats names to an audience, asking who knows these names... not many do and he kinda tries to cover his disappointment in humor. Partly. But he IS disappointed anyway. "Keep It Pumping" on the flip is - as the name might well suggest - a pumping DeepHouse affair for a connaisseurs nights out, sweetening a damp, heated athmosphere in tiny underground clubs. House music at its best.     


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