Monday, July 16, 2012

Sascha Müller - Gravity Unit EP [Super 6 Records 078]

Sascha Müller is about to release his next three track EP via his very own Super 6 Records these days, once again ready and armed to please fans of classic Techno with a tool'ish but thrilling attitude. The ingredients in all these tunes are well-known and neither innovating nor spectacular as there are literally thousands of tracks that sound similar but still Sascha Müller manages to merge the filters, the drums and signals in a way that they still, after all these years, sound fresh and good on the floor, work the crowd right and that's all these pieces aim to do. And especially "Unit 2 Move Your Body" with its 'troity strings and off key melody kills them all, leaving the crowd begging for more - a perfect closing tune for a prime time set if this kind of true skool Techno would still be played out in clubs these days. Nice.


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