Sunday, September 23, 2012

baze.djunkiii For Hire

I've posted this headline via twitter a while ago and some of my followers thought I was joking but I'm defo not. As there are things to be sorted including plans for a full label relaunch of Intrauterin Recordings which I want to put out stuff more regularly in future times and regarding the fact that I've got some still unused time capacities I'm looking for freelance jobs of any kind but preferably in the field of writing and translations - German / English or vice versa.

Currently I'm working for several clients, providing release / artist / press infos for labels, short biographies for artists and working on transcripts and translations of film and audio material for DVD subtitles, making ofs etc..

So if you're an artist or label from non-German speaking territories feeling the need for an on point translation of your info to target the German market and cater your promo agency with top notch material feel free to get in touch.

Providing music related content, reviews or possibly short interviews for online and print publications might be another option as well as supporting labels / clubs offices part time in their daily business.

Any other opportunities are well welcome so if there's anything you can think of - hit me up or spread this post. Email is given on this website, I'm looking foward to see what's coming in.


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