Saturday, September 08, 2012

Bratze - Highlight [Audiolith Promo]

They're back. Norman Kolodziej and Kevin Hamann, also known as Der Tante Renate and Clickclickdecker as artists in their own right, recently unvealed "Highlight" which is the third full-length album of their collaborational project named Bratze. And although the bands name hasn't got a translateable meaning the sound of it in itself used to paint a proper picture of their former moshpit building ElectroPunk sound provided by their previous longplay works. But their approach has changed a bit these days - still powerful but leaning in Pop and Indie directions with hooks, vocals and sing-a-long parts, a more complex way of songwriting with a few surprising but always rocking twists and turns within single songs, even a proper ballad - "Die, Die Es Schon Wissen" - is to be found here, excursions in SynthPop and of course the MinimalWave uber-anthem "Strafplanet" is part of "Highlight" as well. The next step in the musical evolution of Bratze which will broaden their fanbase for sure as they're carving out their own, recognizable sound with this one - not only due to the fact that there are, apart from a rap part provided by Strizi Streuner of Frittenbude on "Insel", no further artist features on this longplay piece which makes it easier to embrace the new Bratze sound as a whole. Get. Fast.

And check out their tripped out videos accompanying "Highlight"...


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