Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rivera Rotation - Horsley Park [Lounge Records Promo]

Scheduled for release on October 26th via Lounge Records is "Horsley Park", the second full-length artist album of Pete Rivera a.k.a. Rivera Rotation - a long-term stallion well known and appreciated within Hamburgs club circuit and far beyond. With a DJ-career of  nearly two decades and a string of productions floating from 2000 onward under his belt some might wonder why this is only the second longplay effort of Rivera Rotation but some questions simply remain unsolved. What's clear and obvious instead is the fact that "Horsley Park" is, unlike a lot of other albums in these digital days, totally aware of the format, aware of the fact that a bunch of thirteen tracks can sum up to something that's bigger than it's single pieces, aware of the bigger picture to be provided. This knowledge comes from years over years spent in the biz and this is where connections and musical fellowship come from as well. That's why we see the UK-based JetTricks on production and recording duties here and musicians like Simon Grey and Tim Spohn taking part as well, both of them well known and respected amongst insiders for their work in Pop, club and underground circuits for musicians that don't need to be mentioned in detail, we all know them too well. But what to expect here musically? Naming DeepHouse, naming Electronic Funk, naming BrokenBeat, naming Funky Breaks, naming classic House and a few Balearic influences stylewise - all expertly mixed and melted, put in a well thought order to make your ass wiggle and your legs shake, no matter if at home or on the dancefloor, slowly building and ever growing like Pete Riveras DJ-sets, taking every heart not by storm but through the back door which is, especially when aiming at a preferably grown-up audience of experienced clubbers and music afficionados, a more sustained method that cannot be proved wrong. Although not released yet this one is made to easily stand the test of time for sure.     


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