Wednesday, September 05, 2012

baze.djunkiii Charts 09/2012

01. baze.djunkiii presents PINK MINIMALISM [Intrauterin Recordings Anti-Art Series #1]
See here for details...

02. Dub Phizix & Skeptical featuring T-Man & Sparkz - Run It Like The President / Half Man [Samurai Music 018] 
A new genre? Check. Drum'n'Bass tempo but on a half time vibe? Check. Stuttering rhythm structures? Check. Abstraction? Check. Grime MC's? Check. Innovation? Check again. Name it: Drum'n'Grime. One of these records waving the flag of something that's to be massive in the future, but are kinda underrated in the days of now due to their pioneering vibe. No matter what, this one already is a classic and if the dancefloor crowd doesn't get it straight away just rewind the plate 'coze people gotta learn. 23rd century gangsta shit - huge!

03. Wymond Miles - Under The Pale Moon [Sacred Bones Records 080]
Like quite a few records I discovered Wymond Miles' debut LP "Under The Pale Moon" while hanging out at Die Gesellschaft in Hamburg, one of my favorite spots these days, and was immediately captivated by the dark'ish, longing undertone of his nebulized PostWave / PostIndie sound that's soaked with lost love and a kind of campfire romanticism totally fitting to my state of the heart these days, having lost all that meant a thing to me emotionally and fighting hard to build that up again although it seems impossible. A perfect album for a dark fall to come and one that'll never grow old. Plus: a good compagnon for a vienna style breakfast on sunday mornings.

04. DRS - Holding On / Count To Ten [Soul:R 055]
MC DRS is totally right with the title of his recent album 'coze "I Don't Usually Like MC's But..." this 12" taken off that longplay piece is massive - this goes especially for "Count To Ten" featuring Enei on production duties serving a tense, stripped down two stepping monster with a thrilling, prime time flow that proves reasons why Drum'n'Bass once was described as long dark tunnel music whilst "Hold On" is vocally big but a bit too sweet and streamlined for me, pretty close to the feel and vibe of The Street's "Weak Become Heroes" but transferred into Drum'n'Bass including loads of melancholia and lonely piano licks.

05. Arthur Boto Conley's Music Workshop presents Clifford Trunk [Travel By Goods 004 Promo]
See review for details...

06. Reptile Youth - Reptile Youth [HFN Music Promo]
It's the long awaited debut album of the Danish stage wizzards named Reptile Youth which have taken the world by storm twice even before they've released their very first single. A more detailed review I've written on this one can be found on the German Back Again website but if you're heart is beating for Indie anthems, ElectroPunk bangers and Wave / (No)Wave / PostPunk-influences with a fix of Pop you're defo likely to be in love with this one within shortest of time.

07. Steve Bug - Noir [Poker Flat Recordings Promo] 
See review for details...

08. Flavio Diners - Lo-Fi Soul Food [Palham Music Promo]
Collectors item that I already reviewed in detail in this months issue of German FAZE Magazine - limited to 198 copies, 10" format and a sweet silk screen cover artwork. Musically somewhere in between the very early days of Steve Bug's Dessous Recordings and the recent SlowHouse movement, also to be loved by those following labels like Fire Cracker or the West London Broken Beat / Phusion scene. Lovers beats. Deep House at its best.

09. Sascha Müller - Untitled [Psychocandies Promo]
See review for details...

10. Kid Machine - Replicants EP [Viewlexx 023]
Like ItaloDisco? Then this is your release of the month. Kid Machine copycats the original ItaloDisco sound one on one but leaves the hyper cheesy vocal stuff alone, adds a bit of the epic melodic overdose that's more than well known from huge hits once crafted by the legendary Hypnosis plus a raw unprocessed overall feel that makes true ItaloDisoc connaisseurs happy. I'd love to hear that one in a club environment some day. 


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