Saturday, October 13, 2012

Intrauterin Tapes Is Out Of Business

After the very last copy of Intrauterin Tapes sold today from the shelves of Hamburg's Otaku Records it is now time to announce that this sub-/ sister label of Intrauterin Recordings is officially out of business now and will not be releasing a 009 ever - a fact that has been pretty clear after releasing the eighth volume of tapes in a time when CDr mixes replaced the good old audio cassette tape by numbers but has never been stated that clearly although there hasn't been a new release on Intrauterin Tapes since 2004 now.

All the labels backstock is cleared apart from archive copies and it's a nice fact to know that the last copy is travelling to Russia with a bunch of guys when they leave town again. A few tape copies have been donated to the skate scene in Cuba as well some time ago.

As far as we know a very limited run of tapes is still available through the Shhhhop and via Minor Mailorder which seem to experience some website trouble today but will hopefully back up soon.

A few statistics - Intrauterin Tapes 001 was a limited run of 50 copies only and sold out within the first two weeks after release. Intrauterin Tapes 002 - 008 were limited to 100 copies per catalogue number. That's quite a bunch of cassettes floating around somewhere... . 


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